Customization creates freedom from brand dictatorship and gives everyone the possibility to become his own designer,  We give consumers advice and guidelines, but it is he who choose his cloth, style, cut and personal finishing touched that make the garment unique. At the end of the day, the customer is the designer. That’s why we call "Made by you". 
的确对于ROBO的价值观,这个新的生产线看起来休闲而优雅,但是却因为个性化定制赋予了独特的规格。这意味着顾客可以选择他们自己织物的细节部分,例如肘部贴布和衣领部分的布料,私人刺绣装饰,或者很多其他很多可能的选择。这表明了客制化服务不仅仅是关于尺寸还包含了一些个性选择。 True to ROBO’s values, this new line looks casual and elegant, but is given an extra exclusive dimension thanks to personalization. This means the buyer can choose his own fabric for details, such as a suit cloth for the under-collar or elbow patch, personal embroidery, or many of the options available. This goes to show that customization is not only about measurements, but also personal choices.