ROBO是目前能够在全世界范围提供定制服务的服装公司之一,ROBO拥有经验、资深的人员配备、强大的供应商和弹性生产,确保提供全球的定制服务。这些有利条件使ROBO在业绩和客户选择上占有优势。 ROBO was the first clothing company to offer this customization on a global scale, ROBO have the experience, infrastructure, availablility of fabrics and flexible production to provide a global made-to–measure service. These assets give us an edge in performance and customer choice.

我们爱奢侈品,然而非常稀有的奢侈品是时间,更精确点说,是能被奢侈地享受到的时间。那些永恒的时刻,比如跟孩子们一起玩耍的时候,看着他们慢慢长大,牵着狗狗散步的时候……,让无数人在追求这样的时刻,享受时光、从容的活着,这才是真正的奢侈。从另一方面来讲,真正的奢侈是“超奢侈”——比如ROBO,不仅要创造顶级的产品,还要成为这个领域的专家。 We love luxury, but the very rare luxury is time, more accurately, it means the time you enjoy luxuriously. The eternal moment, such as playing with kids, watching them grow up slowly, taking the dog for a walk...millions of people pursue such moment , enjoy time, live leisurely, that's the true luxury. On the other hand, the real luxury is "super luxury"--such as ROBO, not only to create top quality products, but also to become expert in this field.

ROBO的动力首先来源于ROBO团队的工作做激情---追求完美的工作态度、永不满足现有品质的追求!为什么人们喜欢奢侈名品?因为真正的奢侈名品是由世界上最伟大的工匠和设计师精心制作。ROBO的衣服亦是如此,它会为您的生活带来更强烈的品质感! The motive power of ROBO firstly come from the ROBO professional team which have a passion for working well. Why people love articles of luxury and brands? The real luxury is elaborated by the world's greatest craftsmen and designers. ROBO garments is also the case, it will bring your life stronger sense of quality!