Brand Story

在1785年,ROBO产生于英国伦敦一条以手工定制成衣而闻名全球的萨维尔街(Savile Row),距今已有226年的历史了。这条代表皇室贵族和名流绅士的品味与技术标准的街道,堪称当时世界最顶级西装定制圣地。  西服世家里昂家族开设的这家纯手工西服店铺“Royal Blood皇室定制店”,凭借独特的裁剪工艺和完美的服务,很快吸引了英国和欧洲其他国家皇室贵族、知名人士等高端客户群,获得了相当高的商业评价,逐渐成为英国皇室礼服的专署定制店。  In the year of 1785, ROBO Quality Bespoke Tailoring Workshop was located in Savile Row, London, a street which is famous for its bespoke tailoring. This street has a long history of 226 years. And it’s termed the “golden mile of the tailoring”, stands for the taste and standards of the emperors, nobles and the gentlemen.  The Lyons, suit making family built the “Royal Blood Bespoke Tailoring Workshop”. Because of the unique tailoring technique and perfect service, it attracted the high-end customers from British and other countries of Europe quickly, and has received highly business valuation. It became the customized tailor shop, and only for royalty.

里昂先生的后人(设计师Kaven)传承了父亲熟练的技术和丰富的商业经验,创立了ROBO品牌。在他看来,服装是体现一个人身份和品味的象征,在经济高速发展的中国,已经具备量身定制的条件,于是他决定将ROBO的皇家定制西装等级标准为中国消费者提供最高级别的私人顶级服务。  2009年,“Royal Blood皇室定制店”正式以“ROBO”品牌登陆中国,提供最完善的西装设计服务及私人西装管家服务。  The descendants of Lyon (the Designer Kaven) inherit the expert skill and rich experience in business from his farther, and established the ROBO brand. In his view, clothing is the symbolization of status and taste. In booming China, it already has the conditions for Bespoke Tailoring, so he decided to make ROBO Quality Bespoke Tailoring Workshop apply the top private services for Chinese customers.  In the year of 2009, “Royal Blood Bespoke Tailoring Workshop” landed in China formally with the brand “ROBO”, and it aimed to provide the perfect design service and butler service for private suits.